Construction Jobs Training Program

The Hope Community Development Association (Hope CDA) construction jobs training program focuses on skills needed to not only be successful in the construction industry, but in all of life. The goal of this holistic training is to help men become financially self-sufficient and to mold them into leaders in their workplace, their neighborhoods and their families.

What is the program?

The construction job training program runs for 12 months. During this time, participants are employed full time building or refurbishing houses. Included in the paid time is 2 hours of classroom instruction per week covering basic knowledge and skills needed to build or renovate houses.

A critical component of successful employment is not just the knowledge or ability to do the work, but critical “soft skills” such as work ethic, getting along with others, dependability, accountability, following directions, initiative, leadership and problem solving. Both learning in the classroom and on the job site are essential to develop these skills. A detailed personal file will reflect your attendance and performance in both the classroom and on the worksite. It will reflect both the hard skills and the soft skills demonstrated. This folder will be a valuable tool for prospective employers to understand your actual knowledge and performance.

Life outside of work affects work. Positive relationships and lifestyles enhance success at work. A key component of the jobs training program is life skills training. The following are some of the life skills topics: financial management (budgeting, saving, debt and credit), relationship with others, relationship with God, a proper view of self, a proper view of work and noble manhood. The classroom portion of this training is 2 hours per week and will include Bible study as well as Biblical principles reflected in other materials. Hope CDA is investing in your future through the jobs training. The life skills training is your investment in yourself and is not paid time.

A coach/mentor will meet with you weekly to encourage and support you and to help you incorporate these life skills into your daily life.

​A matched savings program is offered. For every $1 you contribute to this program, Hope CDA contributes $1. To receive Hope CDA's contribution, you must be submitting a detailed spending record weekly. The Hope CDA match funds may only be used to buy a vehicle, purchase a house, pay for education or begin or expand a business.

Who is eligible to apply?

Hope CDA desires to specifically provide opportunities for men who have a barrier to employment. This barrier could be a disadvantaged home background or baggage from a bad choice or choices. We desire to help men who want to take a new path forward to financial self-sufficiency and successful living. Our primary target participant will be 18-24 years, but older candidates may be accepted.

What does it take to be part of this program?

This program is only for a select few (4-6) men who have a very strong desire to:

  • Learn basic carpentry and construction skills
  • Gain work experience in this field
  • Become self-supporting financially
  • Work hard to achieve success
  • Learn from others
  • Seek to become a noble man in their workplace, community and families

How do the finances work?

Hope CDA will provide classroom instruction and job-site experience. Starting pay will be $9.15 per hour, even during the construction classroom training. Based on performance, pay may increase after 4 months. You are expected to participate in the life skills training without pay.

A matched savings program will also be offered. For every $1 of wages you contribute to an Individual Development Account, Hope CDA will contribute $1. The Hope CDA match will only be available if amounts withdrawn from the account are used to: 1) purchase a car, 2) purchase a home, 3) pay for education or 4) start a business. 

What can the future look like after this program?

Hope CDA will assist you in seeking employment with a local contractor or construction firm. Generally starting salaries for these jobs are typically $8-12 per hour. If you who have strong desires and abilities, participation in a local trade apprenticeship may be possible. These intensive programs can result in significantly higher future wages.

How do I apply?

Download the application, complete and Mail to:
Hope CDA
5925 Council St NE, Suite 110
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-5860 

Final thought 

This is an intensive, disciplined program. Initial and on-going drug testing may be required. To be successful, full participation in all aspects of the program are required. You will be expected to be on time, all the time. Absences must be granted ahead of time. Our goal is to help you be successful; but you hold the key to making this happen. If you are not willing to follow the disciplines, this program is not for you. If you are, we believe this program is a great first step toward leading a productive, fulfilled life.